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Geyser Gas is based in Pinetown, and services the greater Durban area for all your domestic gas installation needs. We specialize in Gas Water Heaters, but also install any other domestic gas appliances like Hobs and Fireplaces and Braais. All installations are done in accordance with LP Gas SA Regulations, and come standard with a Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

Why Choose Gas?

It is estimated that at least 40% of your domestic electricity bill is for electric water heating. So why choose Gas and not Solar or Heat pumps?

Well simply put, Solar and Heat pumps require that the weather plays along. If it is cold or over cast then these products don't work well.

A Solar geyser requires the sun to heat up the water. During a sunny day this is fine, but on overcast days it wont heat up the water. If you use a lot of hot water at night there will be less or no hot water in the morning unless you have a backup of some sort, either electric or gas.

A Heat Pump uses the outside temperature to heat the water up in a tank. If the outside temperature is very low, the unit won't heat up the water to the required temperature. Another factor that must be taken into consideration, is how long a Heat Pump takes to heat up a tank of 200lt. The longer it takes the more electricity you use and the more frustrated you get waiting for hot water.

Gas does have a running cost that is linked to the oil price. The price of Gas is how ever regulated, this is the only negative aspect of using gas. In saying so, the running cost is still much lower than an electric geyser. The positive aspect is that as long as you have Gas, you have all the hot water you need, day or night, hot or cold weather. The initial installation cost is also lower than that of Solar or Heat Pumps.

The ultimate solution would be a Solar system with a Gas backup, the only problem is the initial cost outlay.

Gas Water Heaters

All instant water heating products are rated Litres per Minute (l/min), this refers to the flow rate that the unit will heat the incoming water temperature up by 20 deg.

In order to heat the the water to say 45 deg, the flow through the unit will be about half of the rated number i.e. to get 45 deg from a 16lt/min unit, the water will flow about 8-10lt/min.

You get 2 types of gas water heaters. The first is the basic type that doesn't require any electrical connection and is available in various sizes, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16lt/min.

These units have a battery ignition system. They do require certain water pressure to work (250kPa Minimum).


The second type is a forced exhaust system. This is an electronically controlled system that requires 220v to work. The output temperature can be set with a digital control panel that is installed inside the house.

These units have a fan that forces air though the burner resulting in higher temperatures from smaller burners. These types of units are used for larger consumptions of hot water and are available in 16, 20, 24, 26, & 32lt/min


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Technical Specifications


Atlas instantaneous gas water heaters have been tested and certified by an approved laboratory as being fully compliant with the provisions of the SABS regulation SANS (South African National Standards) 1539, and permits permitting their sale in the republic of South Africa have been issued by the LPGSA safety association.

The forced exhaust unit is electronically controlled to ensure a constant output temperature no matter what the flow rate is thus reducing the gas consumption.

A fan blows onto the burner resulting in more heat on a smaller gas burner


A - 1m sideways from Doors, Windows or entrance into a building

B - 2m from Open Drains and Air Vents

C - 3m below windows, unless non combustible roof is installed between containers and windows

D - 1m from property boundary unless boundary is a Fire Wall (1.8m high, double brick)

E - 5m away from a switchable electrical point or power source, i.e. plug socket, main power etc. (not a light)

F – 6m away from another gas bottle installation or if a fire wall is between them, then 3m around a fire wall

Only Class 1 or 2 copper pipe can be used. NOT what is used in plumbing, or SABS Gas piping.

All pipes going through a wall must be sleeved.

Flexible hose may not be more than 2m and may not go through any partition at all (including wood and dry wall).

Gas Regulations

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Due to the nature of the business and the regulations involved in placement of gas supply, quotations on installations vary from place to place. We will gladly give a telephonic estimate, but for an accurate quote, we do need to inspect the site.

Give us a call on 084 213 2471, alternatively, send us an email at info@geysergas.co.za
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